All Temme English Lettings and Management properties can be found on this website, using the search feature above, as well as on Rightmove, Zoopla, On the Market and other popular property portals. You can also telephone one of our branches (Colchester area 01206 578112 , Basildon 01268 207222 Wickford area 01268 573035, Maldon 01621 735005, Stanford le Hope 01375 808788) or call in and collect a list of properties from all Temme English offices.

Viewings can be made Monday to Saturday during normal office hours. The more notice we are given the greater chance there is of visiting the property at the time you want. If necessary visiting the property can be made outside of normal office hours.

Permitted Letting Fees For Tenants –

Holding Fee:

A holding fee of one week’s rent is required prior to commencing the full referencing / credit checks of all parties wishing to proceed with the above property.

Paying a holding fee does not constitute the offer of acceptance of a tenancy until such time as successful referencing is completed and the tenancy agreement is signed and executed by both parties.

Schedule 2 of the Tenants Fees Act 2019 – Treatment of holding fees/deposits – governs how we deal with your holding fee. This Schedule applies where a holding fee/deposit is paid to a landlord or letting agent in respect of a proposed tenancy of housing in England. In this Schedule, ‘the deadline for agreement’ means the fifteenth day of the period beginning with the day on which the landlord or letting agent receives the holding deposit/fee. Unless both parties agree otherwise, this deposit/fee must be returned by the deadline if it is decided by the landlord or letting agent not to proceed with referencing after a holding deposit/fee is paid. This fee must be returned by the deadline or no later than 7 days after a decision is made not to proceed. We may agree with you in writing that a different day is to be the deadline for agreement.
This holding deposit/fee can be retained if the applicant(s) provides misleading information, fails Right To Rent Checks, withdraws from the property or fails to take reasonable steps to enter into a tenancy within the agreed timescale.

Rent & Deposit:

Tenants are required to pay the balance of One Month’s Rent prior to moving in, plus up to a maximum of Five Weeks’ rent as deposit for properties with a rent of under £50,000 per year and up to Six Weeks’ deposit for properties with a rent of £50,000 per year or higher. ( As standard we request One Full Month’s rent as deposit unless the full Five or Six weeks’ deposit is requested by the landlord.)

Lost Keys / security devices:

Tenants are required to pay the reasonable charges incurred for the replacement / reissue of keys / security devices. This fee should not exceed £25 – £50 but will be justified if costs are higher.

Variation of Contract:

Tenants are required to pay £50.00 for any amendment made to the tenancy agreement at their request if agreed with the landlord during a tenancy. This includes removing or adding additional tenants or adding an addendum to the tenancy agreement.

Early Termination (Tenant’s Request ):

In the event of a request from a tenant for an Agreement to be terminated before the end of the stated period and only when agreed by the landlord for a new tenant to be found the tenant agrees to pay the reasonable costs to find a new tenant and the remainder of the rent. ( A total that will not exceed the maximum amount of rent outstanding on the tenancy.)

Tenant’s Responsibilities Prior To Renting A Property –

As part of the referencing process you will be required to pass a fully enhanced credit check as well as an employer’s reference/Accountant’s reference and Landlord’s reference if you are currently in rented accommodation.
You will need to be able to provide:

Your last three months’ bank statements.

Your last three months’ wage slips / P60 to prove your income.

A current bill ( council tax, gas or electric bill, bank statement or TV licence with your current address on it ) to prove where you currently live.

Photo identification ( passport, UK driving license or identity card ) to prove your identity.

You must show us your passport to enable us to carry out the Right To Rent Checks. If you do not have a passport you must inform us BEFORE proceeding with an application for a property to ensure you have other required documentation to carry out the above checks.