Ensure the Property Market Doesn’t go back into Lockdown

As the housing market returns to a bit of normality with house moves allowed to take place, Propertymark is promoting our message to consumers encouraging them to adhere to the safety measures still in place. Propertymark’s safety guidance goes a step further than the Government guidance, asking everyone at a viewing to wear gloves and face coverings. Daily Mail We worked with the Daily Mail to promote our message because we know that members are struggling to get some buyers to comply. We are encouraging consumers to adhere to the safety measures and imploring agents not to turn a blind eye and allow agents to let viewings go ahead without sufficient precautions. VIEW DAILY MAIL ARTICLE Protecting everyone – viewings advice Here’s an outline of the message to consumers to adhere to the safety advice and protect everyone: Appropriate protective equipment must be used Respect social distancing Allow time to ensure cleaning takes place between viewings Wait at a distance from the property until asked to enter Restricted to a maximum of two adults Lights will be switched on, doors and cupboards open, in return we ask you not to touch surfaces We’d like to thank all our members who have been going above and beyond during, what is and has been, a difficult time for us all and maintaining the high standards and trust consumers are looking for in an agent. * Credit Propertymark