How to make people fall in love with your home

How to make people fall in love with your home We are now, officially, in the month of love, so how do you make sure your home is the one they all fall for? Whether we like it or not, love starts on the outside, so first impressions really count and you need to make sure those areas sparkle. Unfortunately winter often takes a heavy toll and you may need to do a little work. Here are our top tips for a quick makeover: The garden is one of the bigger jobs, so let’s start there. It may all look a bit daunting at first, but for some instant satisfaction, just have a good tidy up. Start by sweeping up the last of the autumn leaves, paying special attention to any paths and driveways, then cut away any dead plant matter and give things like roses, hedges and perennials a quick, neatening trim. Flowers, especially at this time of year, can really brighten things up and there are more options than you might think – you can buy crocuses and daffodils in pots, which you can take with you when you move. Or, you could try some winter flowering pansies, forsythias or primulas. Cleaning your patio is another quick win. If you don’t have a pressure washer, you can always hire one for around £30 a day. It can make a big difference, as patios often get covered in unsightly algae during winter. Garden furniture will also need a good scrub down. And don’t forget the barbecue, especially if it never got a proper clean after its last outing! The lawn is another important area. Since grass grows throughout the year, it’s probably looking pretty scruffy, right now. It’s amazing how much better it’ll look when it’s all neatly trimmed. Make sure you wait for a dry day and cut it on a high setting. If you give it a bit of a feed and weed at the same time, the nitrogen boost should ensure it goes a nice, tempting green. And then there’s the front of the house, where love truly begins. Be honest, is it looking sleek and sexy, or a bit old and tired? Trim those front hedges, weed those paths and driveways and pressure wash the steps. And how about the front door? Is the paintwork all bright and alluring or cracking and peeling? Is the door furniture rusting and tarnished or new and sparkling? What about the porch light? Do you need a new one? And, if your house is rendered, make sure you repair any cracks and repaint where needed. Dirt is never a good look and windows are often filthy in February. Give them a good clean or get a window cleaner to do it for you. At the same time, you could ask them to do your sheds and greenhouses. And, if your window frames are cracking and flaking, you’ll need to repaint them. Make sure you replace any broken panes and check all windows open and shut smoothly. Things should look good at night, too. Outside lighting, however, is one of those areas that often get neglected. Check everything’s in good working order, or people may be suspicious of the quality of the electrics in the rest of the house. And, since it still gets dark early, they may be the star of the show! None of this will cost a fortune, mostly just a little time. Believe me, it’ll all be worth it when your place tops the beauty parade and there’s a whole host of potential suitors, who can’t wait to get their hands on it.