Selling Your Home In Essex

There is an ever increasing amount of paperwork attached to the sale of your home. If you are thinking of selling a property in Essex this year, your solicitor will be able to take you through the process, but below is a quick and easy guide to the kind of information you will be expected to provide: 1) Proof of identity You will need proof of your current address, such as a recent utility bill, as well as some sort of photo identification – a passport or driving license. 2) Property Title Deeds If you don’t have them, your original conveyancing solicitor should have a copy and they will be held, digitally, by HM Land Registry, as long as the property has been sold at any time after 1986. 3) Property Information Form (TA6) This is a comprehensive questionnaire about the property, from boundary details to neighbourly disputes, parking, planning permissions and guarantees for anything from windows to boilers and roofing to flood risk and insurance. 4) Energy Performance Certificate (EPC) An EPC is a measure of your home’s energy efficiency and its CO2 impact. Ratings vary from G (minimum efficiency) to A (maximum efficiency). If you haven’t had an EPC assessment within the last 10 years, you can ask your estate agent to arrange one for you. 5) Fittings and Contents (TA10) This form provides a comprehensive list of everything that will be included (or not) in the sale of your home, such as curtain poles and shelving, sheds and plant pots, wardrobes and dressers. 6) FENSA Certificates – windows and doors A FENSA certificate is required for any windows and external doors installed after April 2002 and verifies they comply with the relevant Building Regulations. 7) Boilers If you’ve replaced your boiler or put in a new gas fire, you may well have to provide proof it was installed by a Corgi Registered installer and complies with all the relevant Building Regs. 8) Electrical Certificates You will need certificates for any recent electrical work that’s been carried out on your home, such as rewiring or any new power points or lighting circuits. This does not include like for like replacements. 9) Alterations and Extensions If you have made any serious alterations to your home, you will need to provide copies of all the relevant planning permissions and proof that the work was signed off by Building Control. 10) Leaseholds and Freeholds If your property is leasehold, you will need to provide a copy of the lease. If it’s a shared freehold home, you will need a copy of the Share Certificate. 11) Management Information Packs These must be supplied by anyone selling a leasehold property. They will contain information about the freehold management, ground rent and annual service charges. The first step of all, of course, if you have a property for sale in Essex, is to give Temme English a call and we can talk you through the process.